ARCDES was founded by Asmus Ziegler and started in February 2010 with about 10 Participants. The first gathering was hold in Bliss Cafe/ Lounge. It has since been held in different locations including KIN Café|Lab|Shop, Café 1919, Memo and Sisters. Since 2013 ARCDES Shanghai is organized by photographer Yolanda vom Hagen, while Asmus Ziegler expanded the ACRDES community by founding ARCDES Hongkong.

ARCDES ARChitecture and DESign, a gathering for creative People in Shanghai:
Why to create a new gathering format in SH?
We try to be different from other gatherings in the case that we give more time for gathering than for speakers. We want to encourage the participants to talk a lot to each other. To exchange ideas, to create new ideas, to meet new people with other new ideas and cultural backgrounds.

After the first year without any speakers, we decided that there is a lot of potential to give each gathering an interesting direction with showing creative´s works. We invite interesting and interested creative people for a talk. The speakers give the evening a frame.

Since October 2013 we have also an ARCDES group in HK. The SH group is now organized by Yolanda while Asmus moved south wards and is doing ARCDES Hong Kong.

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