Dakini Yan Lu

Dakini Yan Lu(陆彦,写小说时笔名为阿伦特), a Chinese novelist based in Shanghai.
I have published two novels in China. The first was Good bye, My Arendt (《喊哪,阿伦特》,2006).
The second was Ashes and Zest (《爱到Z》,2011). Just finished my third novel Empty Bed Blues(《空床布鲁斯》).
Good bye, My Arendt was a biography-novel, about a Chinese little girl who struggled against a difficult growing-up and fulfilled her dream to be a novelist. Ashes and Zest was about two poor Chinese writers tried to be live and carry on in Shanghai, and they failed. The Empty Bed Blues was about a Chinese woman met with several men from western countries.
I try to find where the Chinese should stand and what we need to do in this global era.