ARCDES Hong Kong #2

Hello ARCDESer,

it is again a month ago and time for our second ARCDES event in Hong Kong.
I have been busy with checking bar’s, cafe’s and other locations in HK but was not able (so far) to find the right venue for our event.
We are just to many of us and most spaces in HK are too small or don’t take reservations if we don’t promise to drink AND eat.
However, I mad up my mind and want to try something very new for ARCDES.
Since we had such a great time last time and HK still has not really winter I think we should have again “ARCDES open air”

This is the invitation for ARCDES Hong Kong open air #2

date: Friday 22nd November 2013
time: 8:00 pm until late
!!! change of Venue !!!
venue: RED BAR on the roof top of ifc Shopping Mall
address: 4th floor, ifc Shopping Mall, Central, Hong Kong

No entrance fee and open for everybody! Drinks and Food can be bought around the Theater.

Topic for ARCDES HK #2:
How to continue with ARCDES in order to get it nicely organized for Hong Kong?
Let’s collect ideas and discuss them.


Posted: November 19th, 2013