ARCDES Hong Kong #6

We believe in border-free space of creative work and thats why we bring all creative people together,
no matter which field of creativity you work in.

This is the invitation for ARCDES Hong Kong #6!

Art! Architecture? Design. Creativity.
What is creativity? Is everybody creative?

We are still looking for a venue where we can make a reservation for 10 to 30 people once a month and where they can serve drinks and maybe some snacks (just in case you know a nice bar/ venue that could/ will host us).
Until then we will continue with our special ARCDES Openair event and this time we will meet during the week on WEDNESDAY.
On Friday evening too many creative fellows have to work overtime, hope you guys can make it easier on Wednesday evening.

ARCDES Openair Hong Kong #6
Networking of the creative community in Hong Kong.

!!!! date: 23rd April 2014, Wednesday !!!!
time: 8:00pm – 10:30pm (or longer if you like)
venue: free space in front of Club 71
address: Basement, 67 Hollywood Rd., Central, HK
Entrance at Man Hing Lane

No entrance fee. But all drinks and food that you order need to be paid by your self.
Summer is coming, so it should be warm enough for an outdoor event.

Please spread the word and forward this email to all your friends who might be interested to join. This event is for ALL people who are interested in creativity.


Posted: April 18th, 2014