ARCDES SHANGHAI #66 – Picture Karaoke

date: Friday 5th of August 2016
time: 7:30pm – open
venue: Sisters
address: Lane 550 South Shaanxi Road or Lane 258 Jiashan Road, No. 37, B 102 (two entrances).

How it works:

Send an ultimate Summer 2016 picture!

It can be from your vacation, from your office, outside in Shanghai.
Humans and non-humans suffering the heat…

We will screen these pictures, if you are there or not. There will be the possibility to explain what happened in the picture by yourself or by someone else. Fictional or non-fictional stories are welcome.

While we laugh about other peoples stories, we can enjoy special happy hour deals.

Come along and share your summer story with your creative friends!

Please send the picture to: yolanda [at] arcdes-china [dot] com


Posted: August 1st, 2016