Gilles Rouverand

30 years old, from Paris, France, 3 years in China (always in Shanghai)

My work brought me to China three years ago. I have been working for a French market research company for 3 years in Shanghai, but I recently quit my job to follow my passion: travelling.

As I travelled around Shanghai and in China for a few years, I progressively discovered some really great scenic spots. On the other side, many of my friends seemed to be searching for some nice places to quickly escape the sometimes exhausting Shanghai.

So it progressively made sense to create my own guidebook, and after a few months of work, I launched the travel guide “40 weekend breaks from Shanghai” in July 2011.

The idea is to bring the best places around Shanghai into one single book, so everybody living here can easily choose a weekend destination and relax!

Link to the Book website – Shanghai Connections: “40 weekend breaks from Shanghai”