Liang Hansen

Liang Hansen, was born on Aug. 1961, Nanning Guangxi China.

I would like to share an exciting Discovery that is Multiple
Tetrahedrons Origami :
One A4 metric paper which is a rectangular plane can be fold into
multiple interesting same shape and size 3D tetrahedrons models
which form so many marvolus shape such as
Fractal, Regular Pentagon, Octadron, Tranglur prism, Quadrangular etc.

1982 South China Engeering Institute Bachelor.
1991 Osaka University Communication Engineering Master.
1987 Angel Award & Memorial Award of Shanghai Angel Cup Puzzle Design Competition
1993 Exhibited at Sony Music Entertainment inc present 2nd Art Artist Audition. Yokohama Japan.
2005 Best Creative Design Entry Award of BDCI 2nd Brand and Design
Awards. ShenZen, China.
2008 Elected for Excellent Plan team Entrance of World Expo 2010
Shanghai China Exhibition Conceptual Design of Chinaā€¯ National
2012 Speech on Shanghai Conference on Algebraic Cominatorics.
2012 Exhibited at The First Citizen Art Shanghai’ Hotel Art Fair.
2012 Best Tree-Dimentional Design Prize at TONY CRAGG: SCULPTURES AND
DRAWINGS Public Participation Exhibition by HIMALAYAS ART MUSEUM,
Shanghai, China.
some videos:

Appeared in: ARCDES #35