Jody Brown

Jody Brown

What is Coffee with an Architect?

I started this site as a way to reach out to people in the community. I thought that a virtual a cup of coffee would be a low pressure way to meet and discuss our shared ideas, passions, and vision for the profession.

Then, at some point, I went a different way with it.

Enjoy the angst.

Jody Brown, AIA Leed AP, Husband, Dad, awesome cook, banjo player

Jody Brown, AIA, Leed AP BD+C is an Architect running his own firm (INFILL, pllc.) in Durham, NC. His work focuses on urban infill projects, mixed-use, urban design, and urban renewal. Over the last 18 and half years, he has built on his passion for planning and urban design, and, has worked on enhancing, adding to, re-using, renovating, and sometimes creating from scratch the places where people meet, learn, play, and become inspired. His work is grounded in the belief that Architecture can save cities. When he’s not doing that, he can be found making fun of himself and his profession, and blogging about his ideals at – Coffee with an Architect. Or, you can find him sipping coffee with someone at a cafe near you, blathering on and on about Le Corbusier, while looking aloof and interesting at the same time somewhere over in the corner. In other words, he’s just an Architect, standing in front of an ideology, asking it to love him.
Right, shall I go on?

Coffee with an Architect

Alan Flesher

Alan Flesher

“I rely upon my imagination and instincts instead of my intellect and don’t just render what I see, but paint what I feel.
I interpret my experience and articulate my ideas offering the untamed artist in me expression. Although much of my art is narrative it evolves through my sensitivities from a highly refined darkness where I discover the light giving visual imagery to my perceptions.
As a painter I spend a lot of time alone dwelling in a world of unspoken communication where my art enriches and expands my everyday life in every dimension. I hope my work stimulates the observer and serves as a gateway to their emotional home where they can embrace my work as their own…”

Cinderella Club, a charity that helps young girls inChina-Shanghai.
I was invited to be the Director of Art & Education and amin the center of the Ad.
It is a wonderful group of adults helping mostly girls age 5 to 12 who come from abusive households where they have the chance to besupported and guided by caring adults who share and teach to reach them on manylevels to create a safe haven where they can restore their natural developmentto help them on there way to a better life filled with hope instead of fear.

Asmus Ziegler

Appeared in: Arcdes #34

Lowell Morin